Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Voice . Paint . Be yourself

Years ago I  had the opportunity to teach a number of students who wanted to be artists but were afraid. Afraid they weren't good enough to fulfill  their dream but were willing enough to give it a try. I  created an art workshop for everyone who wanted to apply. Some of the students that attended came from broken homes. Attending my workshop allowed them to express themselves in ways they couldn't at home. Through art they found a voice and together they all found friendship. I called them my family! As a group we had discussions and assignments allowing them to reveal feelings that were heart felt and very difficult to share. They're Art delivered healing which made their process full of play, joy, inspiration and anger. Anger which plays a major  part reveals it's true nature during these art  sessions.  Moments of tears, sadness, out bursts and arguements all have a true place in the healing process - embracing the light as well as the dark, spilling it openly onto the canvas or in writing. My reason for teaching was relating to my students. Each one of them had a gift and the heart to break the barriers between them and with just one push their confidence and openness blossomed within weeks. For some,  it was difficult participating in assignments given to them - it meant discovering  hidden feelings, with time as they watched others explore another side of them and finding fun - they slowly came out of their shell. They became all family. It was a wonderful sight to watch them all enjoy their process. My job was to teach them how to come out on their own with art, to listen in, to love, to embrace them  and most of all,  believing in them. These kids needed a teacher, a human being  to listen what they had to say without judgement and to believe in them. Believing in them makes a big huge difference. Every kid had their own story to tell in their art  and each story was about acceptance and breaking free! 

For two years I taught art therapy and it was the most wonderful experience. I invite you to join in this journey,  your journey. So Welcome! My blog - Voice. Paint . Be yourself is about discovering, learning,  letting go, about being good enough, about believing in yourself, about being strong women, about getting to know another side of yourself you thought never existed, about finding a voice through art, about acceptance, forgiveness, about discovering the child within and nurturing her, about embracing the light and the dark, about a sense of power, about spirituality encouraging creativity and flow, about art block, about trusting your creativity, about play and having delicious fun fun! It's all about believing in who you are and what you do every thing else will follow and take form.  I will later discuss a series of topics that will begin the journey. So stay tune for the adventure... Voice . Paint . Be yourself!



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  1. I feel like I'm standing on my tippy-toes peering into a window! I can't wait to see what's inside!